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TDA2030A is widely used as Hi-Fi amplifier manifold in many computer active speakers.
Easy Installation.
It has the function of thermal shutdown, current limiting.
Minimum transmission distortion


Output power: Maximum 18W
Supply voltage: DC 9V-24V (recommended DC 12V, this voltage to the heat sink requirements are very low;)
Maximum supply of this board is actually up to 40V, but you need to change the board's own electrolytic capacitor C1, the capacitor voltage value is higher than supply voltage can be use. )
Quiescent current: about 25mA (disconnect to tone, connect to 8Ω speaker, 12V power supply. )
Speaker impendance: 4Ω-8Ω
Total harmonic distortion: THD 0.08% (Po=0.1 to 14W, RL=4Ω)
SNR: 94dB-106dB (1W-15W)
Heat: The higher the supply voltage, the great the volume, the higher the heat

Note: This is DIY kit, you need to solder it by yourself!

Package includes:

10 x DIY TDA2030A Audio Amplifier Board Kit

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